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  • Manika Gupta

Solar Atta Chakki, a sustainable  solution for enhancing livelihoods

Updated: Apr 26

Government is providing free solar powered flour mills or solar chakkis to women, so that they can run a small business of their own and run their families. This will not only empower women but also help in sustainable development.  This innovative scheme aims to provide solar-powered flour mills to women in rural areas, thereby promoting the use of renewable energy and enhancing the livelihoods of women. By facilitating access to these solar atta chakkis, the scheme not only supports environmental sustainability, but also empowers women by making them more self-reliant and economically independent.


What is a solar chakki?


Solar Atta Chakki is a revolutionary concept towards sustainable living that reduces extractive farming.

Its high-efficiency solar panels help in providing relief from irregular electricity, meaning farmers no longer need to pay expensive diesel costs as they grind their grains. In addition to the economic benefits, Solar Atta Chakki also offers an immense advantage where the environment is concerned - it produces zero emissions and helps reduce carbon output, creating a pollution free environment. It allows farmers to continue their traditional way of life while taking steps towards becoming more environment friendly.

According to Ashutosh Verma who owns Exalta company that supplies solar atta chaakkis said that the biggest advantage is that it saves 40 units per day which is equal to approximately Rs 400. This comes to a saving of approximately Rs 13,000 for the owner of flour mill.

Also he said loans are available for the purchase of the solar chakki. Moreover, it can be used in the remotest of places where electricity is still a distant dream.

Key Features:

  •   Solar Atta Chakki assures no dependence on erratic grid power and saving on expensive diesel.

  • ·   A one-time investment  ta nd get free (zero cost) solar energy for many years to

  • ·  Solar system needs no maintenance except regular cleaning of the modules- no consumables

  • Easy to operate

  • · Reduces carbon emission and pollution.


    Pricing: The price for 5 hp solar chakki is 1, 50,000 + Gst and for 10 hp it is 2, 80,000+GST.


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