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  • Manika Gupta

Packers & Movers: This low profile industry gets wings

Updated: May 6

Packers and movers business falls under the umbrella of logistics and transportation sector. Due to the industry's vast scope, we will specifically focus on the market for packing and moving services.


This business of late is getting wings as people today are preferring to hire experts for their moving needs instead of driving themselves with prolonged fatigue and burning fuel. 

Further, the industry is growing due to new demographic conditions, new customer demands, increasing purchasing power and use of technology.

Amit Sharma who is the Managing Director of Flystuff Packers and Movers, operating from Noida 61 said that industry is big and lots of competition in the market puts limitations on profit making.  As the industry is a service-oriented business, it’s among the most preferred options for many entrepreneurs that are looking to establish their own business without infusing a lot of capital, he said.

Amit further said that anyone can start a packers and movers business in India, as long as they have some experience and connections. It doesn't cost a lot of money to start, but there is a lot of competition from other moving companies in each state. For example, you can find many packers and movers in Hyderabad, Delhi, and other big cities.



Floating population

According to Amit, the rate of urbanisation is continuing to grow, as a result, relocation or moving services are also increasing. In addition to this, the development of right and massive infrastructures for both personal and professional use is what propelling the business growth for packers and movers.

GPS tracking service Another reason is the use of a GPS tracking service by packing and moving. Many individuals and businesses are opting for packers and movers due to GPS tracking services. Amit Sharma said that this gives a sense of security to the customers while the shifting of their stuff is in progress.  Tracking services allow a customer to track their household items/office items from anywhere. These services are beneficial for long-distance transportation of goods.

Extreme customisation in packing-

The packers and movers are also using customised packing for the goods. Amit says, the packing material can be of good quality such as bubble wrap, cargo sheet with company label etc.

As far as technology is concerned, Amit said that his company uses Google Ads and Website SEO for better results and reaching out to customers.




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