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  • Manika Gupta

Zoho launches new point of sales (POS) solution called 'Zakya' for retailers

 Software company Zoho has launched a new point of sale (POS) solution called `Zakya’ for SMBs to streamline their day-to-day operations, and easily monitor them from one place. The solution, according to the company, can be implemented be implemented in less than one hour for the retailer with thousands of items in the inventory. 


The new solution includes point of sales (POS) billing app which allows the retail stores to bill even when used offline. Its USP is that during the peak hours sales personnel can use the `Zayka’ POS billing.

During peak hours, sales personnel can use the app for many bill customers, thus shortening the checkout queue.


According to the company, the solution also helps businesses to launch custom mobile app that allows the buyers to browse and make purchases on their smartphones, and have them delivered at home.

Moreover, the small and medium retailers can manage all of their backend office operations including inventory management, customer details, and transaction information and vendor data in one place without having to switch between several apps.

Moreover, `Zayka' also has  business intelligence features for the retailers and is pre-integrated with payment  partners, including Pine Labs, Razorpay, and PhonePe and has a possibility of integration with shipment solutions such as AfterShip and EasyPost to execute customer orders.

The idea behind this is to help retailers stay competitive. The current software lack the necessary features to support retailers in their day-to-day operations.

It was felt that the legacy software are complex, rigid and take longer to learn. Zayka, the company claims is easy to use solution that can be deployed easily.

The new solution is the result of a survey conducted to determine point of sale software adoption and usage. Out of those surveyed 95% who were billing manually said they would like to move to a modern POS solution at the earliest.   


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