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Why is Delhi/NCR good for starting a new business

 Are you seeking new and unique business ideas in Delhi and NCR?
Then you might have the following questions in mind. Does Delhi and NCR have the growth potential that might help the business? Which business will be successful here? Will the customers in Delhi NCR receive it well?  


‍Delhi has a total population of 32, 066, 00 people (32 million), its economy is worth US$ 210 billion and the main economy of Delhi is tertiary sector that contributes 85% of Delhi’s GSDP, followed by primary and secondary sectors.

 IBEF report pegs the value of the Gross Domestic Product of Delhi at INR 7.98 trillion. The state's GSDP increased at a compound annual growth rate of 7.70% between 2015-2016 and 2020-2021.

‍According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, Delhi surpassed Bangalore as India’s start-up capital. Delhi’s net domestic product has been steadily increasing since 2012 and was expected to reach Rs 7.2 trillion in 2021. Besides that Delhi NCR is capital and the volume of footfall it receives, help it create a sustainable environment for new firms and businesses.

Delhi also has a lot of other advantages like its transportation services, crafts, technology, ancient arts are easily available in Delhi.


According to FYND these are 8 best ideas for setting up businesses in Delhi.


‍1. Handmade Gifting Items

Delhi is a good market for upcycling garbage and handmade things such as jewellery, embroidered clothing and decoupage items, paper, ethnic items and designer purses and other items. One has the choice of selling these items either online or at local stores. You can boost your revenues by holding regular workshops showcasing your handiwork.


‍2. Handmade soaps & healthcare items

People have become more conscious of their health and well-being in recent years. As a result, there has been a boom in the consumption of organic food items and natural products used to promote good health and hygiene. It is for individuals who prefer personal hygiene products that are not mass-produced.

‍‍‍3. A Fitness Centre at Home

This is a very cost-effective business idea. One can start fitness programs like yoga or dancing at home if you have some space to spare.

‍4. Small-Scale water filtration service

This idea is very good for Delhi and NCR where water is less clean than other areas. Because of less clean water, there is a need for filtered water cans to various small outfits like offices, gyms and paying guests.

‍5. Tiffin and Meal Service

Delhi NCR like Mumbai gets a huge floating population.  Many people come to Delhi to in search of jobs or to study.  They require cheap and nutritious food and tiffin and food service business is a good way to meet their needs.

This is a low-cost business that can be very rewarding.


‍6. Online Tuitions Services

Online tutoring is another business that has scope in these areas. Everything can be taught online—from language to yoga and any subject are very well received online. 

In this professionals have to concentrate on their content delivery and ways to engage students more effectively.

The online teaching sector can be profitable with minimal investment in the right online tools. With right online tools this can be very low cost way of teaching a skill online.

‍7. Printed Clothing Enterprise

These days’ people are drawn towards printing a quote or favourite characters or someone’s name on their-t-shirts. This could but be simple but profitable.

8. E-commerce Business

This is also a great time to start an e-commerce business in India. The customers for e-commerce are increasing every day. Internet penetration is increasing, so more people are turning towards e-commerce as an alternative to offline shopping. ‍This is a good business as it does not require much capital and can be done with no space requirement.

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