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  • Manika Gupta

Why do small businesses need to back up their data on cloud?

Copying files in the USB drive is not enough for businesses, they need to find integrated solutions that are best suited to their needs.

How many small businesses have a data backup software?  While some businesses are still maintaining the old time registers for their data, many businesses are using USB drive to store their files. In today’s digital age, it is very critical for businesses to create a data backup using an appropriate software.  

A data backup software needs to be such that can save the data from hardware crash or ransom ware attack. So, a business must choose the software carefully to protect the data and provide full protection.

Why is a backup software necessary?

Without a small business backup in place, the small businesses can land themselves in a situation of major operational disruption. Without a data back in place large amounts of data can be lost leading to derailing of most critical operations.

Most small businesses are still backing up their data on external USB drives while others still copy their files manually. However the disadvantages of a USB drive is that it can be easily lost or stolen. It can be physically stolen and scalability is not possible with USB drives.

Also an external drive won’t save your data if the entire office catches a fire. More so, if your computers are infected with ransom ware it will be infected also. Overall, the USB drives don’t do a full restore and hit many issues on the way.

What small businesses are already using?

Every small business regardless of size or industry should have a dependable backup solution that ensures their data can be quickly recovered when needed. However, it is also important for businesses to find the right fit as each business may have a different requirements or continuity objectives. For instance, a small medical practice will have different requirement than a mid-size business.

Some businesses are using Microsoft sharepoint or Onedrive, and those with Google suite use Google drive for their data backup needs. 

Manoj Pandey who runs grocery stores across Delhi and NCR by the name of OQUA Naturel uses for billing and data storage. 

Though he is not very satisfied with the software as it is not connected to WhatsApp and the customers wanted the bills on WhatsApp, it has useful other features. Most of his other data is saved on Google Drive as he has a Google suite with him.

Gaurav Mishra said we actually a use a mix of Tally, and maintain an EXCEL for inventory management.  For the restaurant he uses the likes of Posist and Petpuja.

He said these are integrated software that can be opened on an App. For Gaurav, Excel works the best as it gives him seamless service.

It is a little complicated version of the basic excel. It could be a little difficult for people without training. Another advantage of excel is that it is free.

He went on to say that even today maintaining it on hard drive could be okay provided one maintains multiple copies.

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