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  • Ashish Gupta

Market Roundup Week ending 24 March: Energy & Mineral Do Well This Last Week

Updated: Mar 23

Ashish Gupta offers investment tips and market analysis and offers analysis on which stocks are good to invest in if you have surplus money at hand

Some stocks and some sectors that have done well in the last week are energy minerals and non-energy minerals. ONGC, Coal India, on the other side, Tata Steel, Ultra Cement Company, etc. have done well.

And consumer durable segment largely comprising of auto companies has also done well in the last week, giving an average growth of 4% to 5%.

Sectors that did not do well last week or what's seen under pressure were technology services. Almost all the IT companies were either flat to negative growth. And another sector that did not do well was consumer non-durables. Again, most of the companies from flat to negative growth in the entire segment.

Watch the video for indepth analysis

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