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  • Manika Gupta

Priyanka Tiwari: Chef Turned Owner of Brown Box

Updated: Apr 19

Priyanka Tiwari is a woman entrepreneur who has started a gourmet café called Brown Box in S Block, Panchsheel Park.

Priyanka’s interest in baking started at the age of 14 when she started baking by accident, as she says, her mother would cook up fancy dishes for her dinner parties but have no time to set up the table or make dessert for the dinner. Very soon, says Priyanka, I became popular for the best last course amongst friends and family. She felt that it could work as a business idea and trained as a professional chef. She trained at the Le Cordon Blue, London, and worked with big names in food and hospitality industry such as Marriot (Delhi), Taj (Mumbai), and Olive Bar and Kitchen (Mumbai).

How did you get the idea of starting Café Brown Box?

 I thought of starting the cafe because I had this incredible urge to create a welcoming space for the community and my passion for cakes and food. I also remember having an inquisitive inclination towards entrepreneurship since childhood which I think propelled me to start my dream project, The Brown Box.

Love for hospitality and to provide an opportunity to myself and others to express creativity through food and bakery was another reason why I wanted to get into starting my own cafe.

Business Model

Our business model typically involves offering a variety of food and beverages options in a cosy atmosphere. Needless to say that the revenue is generated through the sale of these food and beverage items. Additionally, we have also started hosting events to increase the revenue streams.


What sets us apart from our competitors is the location. We are situated in Panchsheel Park next to a historical monument and a reputed school, therefore the footfall remains busy on all days. Our online reviews, customer feedback and sales data indicate a healthy acceptance by our customers. We also get a lot of repeat customers. Our pastas and desserts are particularly well liked.

We have added a plethora of new dishes from different cuisines ranging from Italian, Thai & Mexican. Also in keeping with the health trends we have an extensive Mediterranean menu.

From seasonal desserts to exotic additions like tre leches, we as a brand are ever evolving.

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