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Building a food brand? Food trends to watch out in 2024

Updated: Feb 26

Let’s look at how your customer want to experience food this year 

Food trends in the way we approach and experience food are ever changing and evolving. In 2024, from sustainable practices to innovative ingredients, the food landscape is undergoing a transformation highlighting environmental consciousness and a desire for variety.

Urban farm produce

Indians are increasingly adopting the trend of urban farming. From rooftop gardens to hydroponic set ups to small kitchen gardens,  people are going for either locally sourced or fresh produce grown in their backyard or rooftop gardens. This not only ensures fresh and good quality food but also reduces the hassle of procurement. 

Mock Meats

A meat alternative or meat substitute, is a food product made from vegetarian or vegan ingredients, eaten as a replacement for meat.

Sumeet Chugh of Nizam's Defence Colony said that this is a fast catching trend where people are going for food that is vegan and vegetarian but tastes like non-vegetarian dish.

It’s good for those who want to turn vegetarian but have a strong taste for non-vegetarian.

Master chef Mohan Chand of `Made In India’ Restaurant at the Radisson, Noida is very bullish on mock meats.

He said, we at Radisson are experimenting and researching with mock meats and how best we can present them as there is a huge demand. 

Pasture-raised meat and eggs

Cage-free poultry and meat are on the rise. People are preferring to go in pasture-raised meat and eggs, where animals are allowed to roam freely and live in humane conditions.  The trend focusses on growing awareness on animal welfare and environment.

Vegetarianism on the rise

People are generally going for plant-based diets without becoming completely vegetarian or vegan. This trend shows an increasing awareness about the environmental issues and benefits of reducing meat intake. 

Tropical fruits and vegetables

Another trend that is visible in food this year is that people are using tropical fruits, spices and seafood.  For instance the use of pineapple, coconut and mango are becoming popular along with ingredients found on the islands. No doubt, people are using more of coconut water and coconut milk as a part of their diet, as people are becoming aware that it is not only a good detox but also nutrients packed, said chef Kaushik of Radisson.

Peppers and Hot Flavours

Indian love for chillis and peppers is well-known. This year, again chefs and people are looking at ways to tantalise the taste buds. Spicy condiments and sauces are becoming important parts of the kitchen again.  However, Chef Mohan Chand said although people eat less spicy and less oily, they are looking for different flavours.

Use of magic grains

According to Sumeet Chugh of Nizam’s people are increasingly getting used to magic grains like chia seeds, quinoa and millets. He said even the government is promoting the grains which are full of nutrition. Chef Mohan Chand also endorsed the trend of Millets becoming popular. Due to popularity of millets, the restaurants are introducing many things made up of ragi.  People are realising that from now on `Bara Anaj’ is the way forward as part of gluten-free movement.

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