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Community Samvad (P) Ltd. is actively seeking a dynamic and experienced HR Manager to join our team. The candidate should have Recruitment Expertise (Female Candidates Encouraged). Your expertise in sourcing, screening, and selecting exceptional candidates will be instrumental in building a high-performing team.


Recruitment : HR Manager will need to plan and devise strategic campaigns and guidelines for recruiting suitable candidates for a required job description. He/She will also have to serve as a mediator between the employer and the candidate and communicate company policies and terms of the contract to the candidate before he is hired.

Attract Talent

HR manager will need to gauge needs of the organization’s human resource requirements, and accordingly putting a plan of action to fulfill those needs with placement of “talented professionals”. That’s followed by creating an “employer brand” which will be representative of the organization’s good image and portray an attractive impression in the minds of potential candidates.

Putting the best foot forward is no longer enough, it needs to be followed through with honest actions in favor of the employees. And finally… the HR manager will need to create the detailed recruitment strategies carry out the hiring process.

Develop and Execute Recruiting Plans

  • Create job descriptions.

  • Research and recommend new sources for active and passive candidate recruiting.

  • Build networks to find qualified passive candidates.

  • Post openings in online venues, newspaper classifieds, with professional organizations, and in other position appropriate venues.

  • Utilize the internet for recruitment.
    --Post positions to appropriate Internet sources.
    --Improve the company website recruiting section to assist in recruiting.
    --Research new ways of using the internet for recruitment.
    --Use social and professional networking sites to identify and source candidates.

  • Develop a pool of qualified candidates in advance of need.

  • Efficiently and effectively fill open positions.


HR manager will have to carry out timely performance appraisals. The role of HR Manager in this would be to have a policy of generating timely appraisal reports and a review of the same by the authorities. The HR Manager should communicate individually with employees and give a clear feedback or suggestion on their performance

Maintaining Work Culture

HR Manager will need to maintain a healthy, safe, and fun work environment to ensure a level of comfort amongst the employees and eliminate any stressful or awkward atmosphere that may hinder the performance of the staff.

Resolving Conflicts

The HR Manager should be available at the disposal of the conflicting parties and hear out their issues without being judgmental. Prior investigations are a must before passing any judgment. The HR head is not expected to discriminate or play favorites in this matter and always deliver an unbiased and practical decision

Employee Relations

As an HR person, employees should feel comfortable coming up to you with their problems and for that, it is important that the HR Manager builds a good public image within the organization.

The HR Manager has to be proactive and know their employees. The HR Manager’s role will be to establish the trust and confidence of the employees. He/She should be looked upon as both an HR expert and an employee advocate.

Legal Knowledge

An HR Manager should be in compliance with the law. Whether it’s drafting new policies or writing terms of a contract, it is the HR Manager’s job to build guidelines keeping the laws in mind. While drafting policies, the HR should always ensure to be at an upper hand legally and keep the organization’s practices in tune with the labor laws, tax laws, permissible working hours, minimum wages, and a no-discrimination policy.


Management extends right from managing employees to managing the employers and the whole HR department as well.

The role of an HR manager will be to manage, create, implement and supervise policies/regulations, which are mandatory for every employee and also have knowledge of its appropriate functioning. Monitoring attendance and tracking leaves forms a major chunk of the HR management function. There should be a proper management of the clock-in/out time to avoid late arrivals and track overtimes and half-days.

Payroll Management

Once all the attendance monitoring, leave tracking, clock in/outs etc is tracked and monitored, it’s time for the most important aspect–calculating the payroll. Efficient calculation of salaries, wage-cuts, reimbursements, and generation of pay slips amounts to the role of HR managers in payroll management.

The HR manager should maintain transparency and provide the employees with information as and when asked. The HR should ensure not only accurate calculations of salaries but also timely transfer of the same.

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