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Samvada’s success lies in empowering the voice of the residents of the community. 
It plays a major role in the success of these communities.

As communities become increasingly large and diverse, residents use Samvada to integrate into smaller, more homogenous communities. They write what they witness by becoming its contributors.

Twenty coordinating editors, more than 300 resident editors and lakhs of readers of Samvada across the NCR provide a range of relevant information, from upcoming events to the latest topical news and a summary of what has recently taken place within their communities.

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 Residents living in every area themselves come together and share whats happening in and around their locality. Samvada is a platform for the residents to communicate and voice their opinion with one another 

Every month we publish magazines from small localities and carry news of whats happening in and around the locality.

We are the only independent news platform that offers such local news.

Being a unique medium, Samvada is a great way to reach out and 
​connect with the people living in the areas it is published from.
Every month with all kind of advertising Samvada is
delivered house to house.

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Community Samvada is a group of 67 unique monthly magazines, published individually colony/sector wise from 27 colonies of South Delhi, 33 sectors of Noida and 7 Areas Of Gurugram.

1, 50, 380 copies of Samvada are hand delivered (almost sixty percent of South Delhi copies in envelops by name) free to every house of the colony/sector that it is published from.

Each of these publications carries news, views and events of individual colonies/sectors.
Most of the time residents get to know of the happenings all over the world through various mediums,
but Samvada is the only medium which gives every resident the news of what is happening within their colony/sector.

What makes Samvada a successful print magazine


Samvada is a magazine that belongs to the residents of each locality. 
Everyday thousands of people are involved in writing articles and communicating with fellow residents.

We welcome all residents to share relevant news and views that pertains to their local community!

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One Magazine for One Locality