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So it started with my small start up... Yoursfit: doorstep customised tailoring service; the journey was very tough initially to convince ladies to even let me enter there house ;) but thanks to Samvaad today I work for more than 30 clients in noida. I met Abhinash in Samvaad office and once he explained me how it works I think that was the turning point for my business. Helped me to choose sectors and time to time feedback/suggestions.

People have faith in this magazine so do I now, as a customer and as a business woman. Thank you so much to Abhinash and complete Samvaad team. It was pleasure working with you guys, you all doing a great job. Wish u all the best and a very happy new year. 

Shikha sharma 
Advertisements in Samvada are as important as its editorial. It is an ideal platform for small neighbourhood businesses and service providers, large local business houses, national and international advertisers to connect with the people. All types of businesses find Samvada an ideal medium to advertise their products and businesses. 

​It has helped all the advertisers in making their business grow. Readers value advertisements in Samvada as much as they value the editorial. They secure and file copies of Samvada to refer to the advertisements at a later date.

Samvada provides its advertisers a varied range of advertising options. They can book advertisement as small as a ninth of a A4 size page or a full A4 size page. They can choose to take just one colony/sector or use a price friendly option and cover the entire NCR areas where we publish the magazine.
At Samvada, we don't just print your ad. 
We help you market your products and services.
Keeping your target audience in mind we design your ad campaign
in such a way that it reaches the right audience.

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Its been so long working with you. And we are extremely thankful to the whole team of SAMVADA who really work so hard and doing such a brilliant job in advertising field. The concept of your advertising and publishing is really good. 

​SAMVADA raise the issues of whether it is local society or a posh colony. The problems facing by local people of the colony , the festivals celebrated by RWA members of different colonies everything is good step to aware the local people of what is happening in their colonies.

​Since working with SAMVADA we had a good no. of satisfied clients. It’s good to know that they recommend us to their known ones when they need the service we provide. These recommendations are good sign of business growth. So we are thankful to SAMVAD for their distribution network, because of this we get the esteemed clients not only in south delhi as well as in Noida also.

​So last but not the least a big thanks to the whole team of SAMVADA for their great team work. Good luck..!! 

people who trust us

Ekta Saigal Pandit

Shikha Sharma


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we are marketeers

Over 20 years, businesses have trusted us and grown with us. 
​From a small company to big corporations, we create entrepreneurs everyday.

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Dr Nilofer

Bliss Dental Care

Surgical Specialities 

advertise with Samvada

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I have been associated with Samwad for quite a long time. The best thing about it is that, you get connected to the right kind of gentry, who are seriously looking for something. Being a social magazine, it really keeps us updated about what important things are happening around us, which we would generally not know because of our mundane and busy lives. Really appreciate their hard work. Keep up the good work!
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Recently I started a new venture called "Streamlined", a fiutness and wellness center for aerobics, body workouts and meditation. In order to reach my target audience, I decided to use the services of Samvada.

Samvada has given me a way to reach a focussed audience by their sectoral approach where I am able to target a small niche consumer base effectively. It is a medium that has proved to be a strong support system.

Shantanu, from the Client Servicing team has been an asset in more ways than one. He has shared facts and figures with complete transparency. His clarity in his  work, timely deliveries and suggestions have helped immensely.

I wish Samvada and their team all the very best in their future endeavours.